Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birthday week

So the kids birthday week has started. Aries is the 7th and Arielle 9th. This week its been different cupcakes everyday. Its our birthday week tradition. We actually were in new jersey last weekend so for the first time in 3 years we kicked off birthday with nana, mike and uncle mikey. The kids loved it. </p>
<p>Yesterday we went to a playdate at special needs night at kid n play. Of course its Aries and Arielle favorite place. They had a great time playing with new friends while I got to talk and relax with other moms.</p>
Today we are heading down to nashville. Darrell(my husband and daddy to tripleaaa) has a operation to his bladder today so the kids are going to spend time with Beth (Bethany) and Toya (Latoya).

Beth is my boss but we were friends for a year and she does my aba therapy for Aries and does what we like to call sibling therapy where we work on playing and dealing with the interaction between them. She's also Lysi's godmother. Toya is Aries and Arielle godmother but she's my second in command work wise. Anyway, i need to drive to coolsprings now.

Write more later hopefully

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Creating a new normal

:I have been super busy with work lately. And I love what I do. I do media events for my company and my passion is talking to the parents. Understanding the stories and helping them. Working in this field gives me a sense of purpose beyond my amazing kids. And still be able to create my own schedule and not interfere with my babies.

So homeschooling is our new normal. We have story time and breakfast in the morning, then there is get groomed time/chores time. After that we spend a few hours doing schoolwork on the time for learning program. It has English, science, math and social studies. After this we have lunch then what ever the extra study is for that day. Mondays are music, Tuesdays are gym day which can either being park, or kid n play for that time, Wednesdays are library day so we go to Clarksville library which has a great play area as well as books and movies for kids. We let them pick one movie each and as many books as they want. Thursdays are art and crafts. We take them to location and let them draw, paint, sometimes we work with clay and make things. Fridays are Wiccan studies. For those who don't  know we are Wiccan and for me I feel its important to be able to teach them what it is in a lower setting. We are more nature based. The goddess is mother earth and god is father time as i explain to the kids. Some schools have religion studies and i figured why cant we? Its our own school we can do what we want as long as the kids have fun. And Aries and Arielle are loving all of this. Even Ally gets to be in story time and the music and such going on that day.

Anyway my workout alarm is about to go off.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

home schooling

well after all the hard work looking for online home schools and im set on using i sent in my letter of intention to the school and on we go...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Acs Efmp play group

Happy 11 weeks Allysa. My chubby little cutie pie. She has been sleeping like crazy again growth spurt time.

Arielle is thriving doing her kindergarten  educational books. And she's only turning 4 in September. Amazing and she's mastering the potty, She really has come along way. We started with a speech delay to her being a chatty cathy.

Aries of course educationally is amazing wizing through his 1st grade educational book. His behaviors are getting better now that everything is getting back to normal. He hates changes and we just have to roll with the punches when they pop up.

I have seriously given some thought to home schooling both Aries and Arielle. To me post schools have done nothing but hinder them instead of encourage there advanced skills but its still in the though process.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

happy 10 weeks

i just have gotten a moment to write. Ally or lysi as we sometimes call her has made it to 10 weeks. my has time been on crack? it seems like just yesterday i was complaining about my back bc of lysi weight. i love my chubby princess. she went to the doctor last week and she was 12.8 pounds! Already a big girl.
Mean while Aries and Arielle actually had a nice movie day. they watched lion king 2 and finding nemo. those are some serious classics. My mom (nana) and my brotherare coming to visit tomorrow and the kids are just crazy excited, they could barely go to bed.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of july

Its Allysa first 4th with her turning 10 weeks on thursday. She did well, no crying or anything she liked it.

Meanwhile Arielle and Aries watched while running in circles. If I could see the world through their eyes im sure it would be a blast. With the drama of daddy just coming home they needed the fun.

Picture of the kids and toya. Aries of course ran out of the picture. Dont know if its his autism or the fact that i think he has ants in his pants.