Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birthday week

So the kids birthday week has started. Aries is the 7th and Arielle 9th. This week its been different cupcakes everyday. Its our birthday week tradition. We actually were in new jersey last weekend so for the first time in 3 years we kicked off birthday with nana, mike and uncle mikey. The kids loved it. </p>
<p>Yesterday we went to a playdate at special needs night at kid n play. Of course its Aries and Arielle favorite place. They had a great time playing with new friends while I got to talk and relax with other moms.</p>
Today we are heading down to nashville. Darrell(my husband and daddy to tripleaaa) has a operation to his bladder today so the kids are going to spend time with Beth (Bethany) and Toya (Latoya).

Beth is my boss but we were friends for a year and she does my aba therapy for Aries and does what we like to call sibling therapy where we work on playing and dealing with the interaction between them. She's also Lysi's godmother. Toya is Aries and Arielle godmother but she's my second in command work wise. Anyway, i need to drive to coolsprings now.

Write more later hopefully

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